Markel Flores

Markel Flores

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First Name * Markel
Last Name * Flores
Username * SpAiK
Country * España
City San Sebastian
Languages EnglishEuskeraSpanish


Preferred Tools Art: 3d modelling and lightninga bit of greenscreen and VFX techniquescompositing and video editing.Software: 3ds MaxSoftimageBlenderZbrushMentalRayVrayUnityPhotoshopAfter Effects.


Availability: Freelance


I'm a 3D generalist that learned at Sintesys School of Arts at San Sebastian (Basque Country - Spain) and I'm constantly trying to be fresh at this rapidly evolving world. I became a 3d passionate since at 10 a friend lent me a book about 3d modeling with 3D Studio R4. That and the liquid metal cop from T2 got me hooked. Since that I knew that someday I would want to work making computer graphics.

My strongest points are in modeling, shading and lightning. I mostly model with Softimage or Blender and sculpt with Zbrush. Vray and MR are my most used renderers. I also have experience working with 3dsmax and try to taste other softwares whenever possible. Photoshop and AfterFX are my apps for comp work.

My next goal is Unity3D and videogames.


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